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Minimix / Mash-Up 2001
Een overzicht van alle minimixen en mash-ups, uitgezonden in 2001 op zaterdagmiddag om ongeveer 14.50 uur in de radioshow van Lindo Duvall op Radio 538.

Klik op datum, artiest of titel voor diverse mogelijkheden om te sorteren. Klik indien aanwezig op het icoontje voor het beluisteren van een fragment.
2001/01/06 Ben Liebrand Grandmix 2000 Vocoder Playlist
De Grandmix 2000 komt in sneltreinvaart voorbij! Er is een fragment bewaard gebleven van de aankondiging op 5 januari dat de minimix verhuist naar een ander tijdstip. Dit fragment staat hier:. Ook is er een fragment beschikbaar van het voorgesprek op 6 januari. En dat fragement staat hier:!
2001/01/13 Trammps Disco Inferno
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2000/09/01. Ben is er zelf niet bij deze keer om tekst en uitleg te geven in verband met vakantie.
2001/01/20 Jocelyn Brown Somebody Else's Guy (House Remix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/01/30.
2001/01/27 Level 42 Club Megamix (The Essential Combination)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/07/03.
2001/02/03 Alf Stuck On Earth (American House Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/06/06.
2001/02/10 Mory Kante vs. Eurythmics Sweet Yeke Yeke
About the original Versions: Sweet Dreams is probably the biggest hit of Eurythmics, featuring their understated and industrial sound combined with a rather dark view at peoples wishes and goals in life. Sweet Dreams is combined with Mory Kante's hardfloor mix of Yeke Yeke. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This is a simple straight forward combination of the tracks above, proving that 1 plus 1 is more than 2. (Ben Liebrand)
This mashup originated from a Live set in Groningen Holland and Frans vd Kamp suggested to air it because although it was simple, it was also noticable. (Ben Liebrand)
Ben is deze week niet aan de telefoon maar live aanwezig in de studio!
2001/02/17 Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/09/18.
2001/02/24 Salt 'N' Pepa Start Me Up (Louder Bass Version)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/10/31.
2001/03/03 Colonel Abrams vs. Madonna Trapped On A Holiday
About the original Version: Trapped by Colonel Abrams was a great clubhit mainly because of the excellent 12" version including instrumental versions and acappellas. Madonna's Holiday turned out to be the tip of the iceberg, with many hits following over the years. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This is another "basic combination mix" where 1+1 is more than 2. The track complement each other in the vocal parts, and although the lyrics are nothing like each other, they still fit perfectly. (Ben Liebrand)
Ook deze week is Ben weer hoogstpersoonlijk aanwezig in de studio.
2001/03/10 Deee-Lite What Is Love
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1990/11/23.
2001/03/17 George Michael vs. Jocelyn Brown Too Funky (Power Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/06/26. (ook bekend als: Somebody Else's Guy's 2 Funky)
2001/03/24 Ben Liebrand ft. Tony Scott Move To The Bigband (Vocoder Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1990/10/26.
2001/03/31 Ceejay A Little Love (What's Going On) (Version 1)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1988/01/22.
Dit is het tweede deel (na de woesj) van de minimix uit januari 1988.
2001/04/07 Sly & The Family Stone Dance To The Music
About the original Version: Dance To The Music was a US top 10 hit in 1968, and a few months later a hit in the UK as well. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This minimix takes the original track to a new rhythm, with new drums and bassline. Sections of the mix are filtered as for example the intro. Percussion is added and in the rhythm break the guitars organs and bass solos are replaced by new riffs and sounds. Enjoy. (Ben Liebrand)
Een nagesprekje met Ben in de studio is beschikbaar.
2001/04/14 Janet Jackson vs. Change ft. Luther Vandross All For You vs. In The Glow Of Love
About the original Version: This is Janet Latest release from her new album. The radio version is based on a sample from Change, "In The Glow Of Love", performed by Luther Vandross. Change is also known for "Lover's Holiday" and "Paradise". The album containing "In The Glow Of Love" also features another song called "Searching", again with Luther Vandross, who also sung a duet with Janet in the past called "The best things in life are free". (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This minimix reunites Janet with Luther for a second duet. The "In The Glow Of Love" groove runs at it's original 118 BPM tempo and Janet is matched to this tempo. The original bassline is replaced with a clean version on bass guitar adding to the bottom end of the mix. Additional synth sequences are added, and although the acappella of "what have you done for me lately" also matched the key and tempo of the groove, I decided to leave it out because it did not fit the mood of the mix. Enjoy! (Ben Liebrand)

Lindo en Ben in gesprek over deze minimix.
2001/04/15 Janet Jackson vs. Change ft. Luther Vandross All For You vs. In The Glow Of Love
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2001/04/14.
2001/04/15 Janet Jackson When I Think Of You (Version 3)
De derde versie van deze Janet Jackson track, geen herhaling van de mixen uit 1986.
2001/04/21 Van Halen Jump (Jump All Over The Place Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/04/03.
Lindo en Ben in gesprek over deze minimix.
2001/04/28 Sheena Easton The Lover In Me
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1989/01/20.
Beluister het gesprek voorafgaand aan de minimix hier.
2001/05/05 Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: onbekend. Een geluidsclip van het voorgesprek is beschikbaar.
2001/05/12 Tone Loc Wild Thing
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1989/02/17.
Beluister het gesprek voorafgaand aan de minimix hier.
2001/05/19 Shaggy Oh Carolina
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/03/27.
2001/05/26 Punchy Here I Come (Clubmix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/08/16.
Beluister hier een geluidsfragment van deze uitzending.
2001/06/02 - -
Ben is te laat in de studio. Vanuit de auto wordt een preview van de mix uitgezonden. De mix zelf wordt de volgende dag uitgezonden. Beluister deze telefonische preview hier.
2001/06/03 Ben Liebrand Trance Minimix
Bevat tracks van: Safri Duo (Played Alive), Mauro Picotto (Komodo), Debet Forge (Questions Must Be Asked) en System F (Needle Juice).
2001/06/09 Ben Liebrand Spirit Of Disco Italo Edition Preview Minimix
Deze mix geeft een korte impressie van de dubbel-CD Spirit Of Disco: The Italo Edition. Luister naar het telefonische onderonsje tussen Lindo en Ben.
2001/06/16 2 Unlimited Tribal Dance
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/05/22.
2001/06/23 Ben Liebrand The Classics Minimix
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1984/06/29.
2001/06/30 Björk Human Behaviour (Version 2)
Een andere versie dan de in 1993 uitgezonden minimix. Deze versie is 1.15 langer en er zijn dingen toegevoegd.
2001/07/07 - -
Geen minimix i.v.m de megafestatie.
2001/07/14 - -
Geen minimix i.v.m. de megafestatie.
2001/07/21 Karen Young Hot Shot (Version 2)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/10/10.
2001/07/28 Ben Liebrand Trance Minimix
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2001/06/03.
2001/08/04 - -
Geen minimix vandaag.
2001/08/11 Peter Gabriel vs. Grace Jones Sledgehammer
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/06/26.
2001/08/18 Salt 'N' Pepa ft. En Vogue Whatta Man (Golden Girls Mix)
2001/08/25 Prodigy vs. Faithless Bitch As One
About the original Versions: We Come One and Smack My Bitch Up? Yes indeed, it works like 1+1 is more than 2! (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This minimix introduces a new form of DJ-ing, as it was almost entirely made with the new pioneer CDJ1000 CD players. All sample style, loop, reverse, backspin and repeating effects were made live with these CD players. The Italo Mix was the first mix on this planet to include the CDJ1000, and this mix today is the first mix on radio using 2 of them. So remember where you heard it first! (Ben Liebrand)
One of the very first mixes made with the Pioneer CDJ-1000's just after their release on the market. Reverse FX, repeats and Back-spins all originate from the CDJ-1000's. (Ben Liebrand)
This is the version I use in live sets, it combines "We Come One" with "Smack My Bitch Up" and features 2 "crazy breaks". (Ben Liebrand)
2001/09/01 Prodigy vs. Faithless Funky Insomnia
This mashup again combines 2 tracks from The Prodigy and Faithless. This time : Funky shit and Insomnia. (Ben Liebrand)
Ook bekend als Funkysomnia en Insomniashit.
2001/09/08 Madonna vs. Perpetuous Dreamer The Sound Of Vogue
About the original Versions: Produced by mastermixer Shep Pettibone, Madonna brought Vogue to the dancefloors in 1990. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: The minimix combines Madonna's Vogue with the rhythm track of "The sound of Goodbye" produced by Armin van Buuren under the name "Perpetuous Dreamer". The original tempo of 116 BPM was raised to match "The sound of Goodbye" and the combination of these 2 tracks results in a firm spacey club track. (Ben Liebrand)
2001/09/15 Art Of Noise The Megamoments In Love Mix
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1985/12/13. De hier uitgezonden versie is 2.30 minuut korter dan het origineel.
2001/09/22 Joe Jackson Is She Really Going Out With Him (Non-Acapella Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1988/08/05. De vandaag uitgezonden versie blijkt een minuut korter te zijn dan de versie uit 1988.
2001/09/29 Rob 'N' Raz Clubhopping
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/07/17.
2001/10/06 Peter Gabriel vs. Grace Jones Sledgehammer
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/06/26.
2001/10/13 Raven Maize vs. Donna Summer I Feel The Real Life
About the original Versions: Donna Summer's I feel Love started life as a b-side on a 7"single. Way ahead of it's time it introduced sequencer disco in it's finest form to the dancefloors of the world. Produced by Giorgio Moroder with many more to follow, I feel Love is probably one of the very first trance records ever!! Donna is joined by Raven Maize's the Real Life, featuring a queen sample. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: The innitial plan was to combine the danve valley theme with 'I feel love', but that simply didn't work. Further investigation however led to this wonderfull combination where 'I feel Love' even transposes to fit the 'chorus' in Raven Maize's track. Enjoy! (Ben Liebrand)
2001/10/20 Dance 2 Trance Power Of American Natives
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/05/15.
2001/10/27 Prodigy vs. Faithless Bitch As One
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2001/08/25.
2001/10/28 Human League Human
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/08/29. De vandaag uitgezonden versie schijnt 2 minuten ingekort te zijn. Bevestiging gevraagd.
2001/11/03 Ones, The Flawless
Recently covered by George Michael, this is a remix of the original by the Ones. Featuring their original ingredients being: Gary's Gang, Keep on dancing, and a synt sound from Wordy Rappinghood by the tomtom club. Can you also identify the short horn blasts? Finally Taste of Honey lend their bassline. (Ben Liebrand).
Bevat: Gary's Gang - Keep On Dancin', A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie (bassline), Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood (Synth sound), Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (sample).
2001/11/10 Chas Jankel Glad To Know You (Edited Version)
About the original Versions: Chas Jankel had a club hit with glad to know you, andlater a more commercial hit with 'I know corrida'. 'Glad To Know You' also appeared on the first remix club ever: Disconet. This club which also braught the famous Patrick Cowley remix of Donna Summer's 'I Feel love' and ABBA's 'Lay your love o me', featured an extended version of 'Glad to Know you', widely expanding the break and drum parts. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: This minimix combines the original version with parts from 'Street tough' by the rebel MC, further vocals are supplied by Twin Hype, and the break contains parts from 'Shaft' and 'Billy Ocean's 'Are you Ready'. Enjoy. (Ben Liebrand)

Deze minimix is ongeveer 2 minuten korter dan het origineel uit 1989.
2001/11/17 Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk & Jessie Saunders Love Can't Turn Around (The Philharmonic Remix)
Love Can't Turn Around werd voor het eerst uitgezonden als minimix op 19 september 1986. Aan die eerste minimix werd echter nog wat verder gesleuteld en dat resulteerde uiteindelijk in de mix die later officieel werd uitgebracht als The Philharmonic Remix. Deze versie wordt sinds 2001 uitgezonden als minimix maar is dus niet identiek aan de in 1986 uitgezonden minimix.
2001/11/24 Daft Punk vs. Suzanne Vega Tom's Fast Food Diner
About the original Versions: French progressive dance group Daft Punk with their latest basic dance groove, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Suzanne Vega's original acappella version of Tom's Diner. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: The daring beats of Daft Punk support the smooth vocal of Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner. Another daring combination speeding up the original vocals from under 100 BPM to 124 BPM to fit Daft Punk's Groove. The Minimix, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! (Ben Liebrand)
2001/12/01 Lou Reed Walk On The Wildside
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/11/29.
2001/12/08 Extreme More Than Words
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/11/01.
2001/12/15 Cameo Word Up (Kan'ie Wel, Kan'ie Niet Cameo Minimix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/10/17.
2001/12/22 Daft Punk vs. Suzanne Vega Tom's Fast Food Diner
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2001/11/24.
2001/12/29 Prodigy vs. Faithless Bitch As One
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2001/08/25.

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