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Minimix / Mash-Up 2000

Een overzicht van alle minimixen en mash-ups, uitgezonden in 2000 op vrijdagavond om 2 platen over 8 in de radioshow van Lindo Duvall op Radio 538. Op vrijdag 4 februari kondigt Ben Liebrand de wekelijkse terugkeer van de minimix aan in de Mixfreaks-mailinglist.

Klik op datum, artiest of titel voor diverse mogelijkheden om te sorteren. Klik indien aanwezig op het icoontje voor het beluisteren van een fragment.
2000/02/04 Armin van Buuren Communication
About the original version: The minimix of this week is an energetic track by the dutch producer Armin van Buuren. The track is called "Communication" and the original production is a powerful trance mix with great melody lines. Several minutes in to the track while you are already enjoying the groove and piano melodies, it turn out the track hasn't really started yet, as the best is still to come. A brilliant arpeggiating sequence emerges building up to the perfect climax, keeping you there for some time and coming back for a second treat towards the end. The track was originally recorded by Armin on April 4th 1999. (Ben Liebrand)
About the minimix version: The minimix is in electro style with the sounds of the famous roland 808 drummachine. It builds up into a classic electro groove with bassdrumms in different tunings, and a 'Shannon' style bassline coming from the minimoog. All drums are programmed in the Akai MPC-60 providing a rock-steady rhythm for the track, including a 32 bar break. Parts from the original version are sampled into the S-3000, and a Yamaha FSR1 is providing subtle rhytmic additions. The mix was recorded into the Akai DD1500 where the vocoder voices are added to the mix. The vocoder speaks of different forms of communication in 4 different languages. English, German, French and Spanish.

Communication Music Sound Sight Communication Touch Scent Sensation
Kommunikation Musik Klang Bild Kommunikation Gefühl Geruch sensation
Communication Musique Bruit Vue Communication Contact Parfum Sensation
Communicacion Musica Sonido Vista Communicacion Tacto Olor Sensacion

Especially the german vocoder voices give the mix a true 'Kraftwerk' feel. (Ben Liebrand)
2000/02/11 Ben Liebrand ft. The Gibson Brothers Music & Passion (Clubmix)
About the original version: This track is inspired by Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana. In order to create this track, only a few vocal lines were used. As the original version did not feature an acappella, these vocal lines needed to be re-recorded. The organ-line was inspired by Morel's grooves. (Ben Liebrand)
About the minimix version: The minimix is disco/club style featuring short guitar riffs and filtered vocal lines. Only a couple of vocal lines where recorded, as most of the track should have a club-style instrumental feel. The vocals where then sampled into the akai s3000, and filtered using the s3000's internal filters. The bassline comes from the Minimoog, a classic amongst synthesizers and still one of the best synths to generate low warm bass sounds. This minimix will be featured as an extra track on the CD single of Ben Liebrand : Music & Passion, released on 14th of februari 2000. (Ben Liebrand)
2000/02/18 Queen vs. Genesis Mama Will Rock You
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/05/29.
2000/02/25 Ben Liebrand Chase
About the original version: Chase by Giorgio Moroder is absolutely one of my favorites. It is perhaps THE track which inspired me to start making music. The original track features elements like reverse triangle patterns, filtered hihats and beautiful sequencer lines. The original track dates from 1978 and was used as the theme for Midnight Express. (Ben Liebrand)
About the minimix version: Recently remixes have appeared which do the original no justice. I have tried to capture the original spirit whilst incorporating trance elements of the year 2000. It is a tottaly new recording, no parts from the original are used, as I believe the original is perfect the way it is.... (Ben Liebrand)
A combination in mash-up style of Morel's Groove and the vocal hook of Copacabana. (Ben Liebrand)
2000/03/03 Drum Theatre Eldorado
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/02/07.
2000/03/10 Harold Faltermeyer Axel F
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1985/08/23.
2000/03/17 DJ Jurgen Higher And Higher
About the original version: The original Version was produced by Erik de Koning, DJ Jurgen & Mark van Dale, and features the vocals of Karen Shenaz. It was produced with italo and trance influences. Rene vd Weyde pointed me to the possibility of making a minimix version. Quickly the choice was made, and the record company was contacted to obtain the acappella and synth parts. Special thanks to Erik de Koning and Jan Voermans for the immediate response and actions taken. (Ben Liebrand)
About the minimix version: The Minimix takes a somewhat harder approach in a more sequencer based version with several analog synths providing the sounds (SH101's and Minimoog). Several stops and breaks stretch the song untill finally the main melody appears and ads up to the Ben Liebrand approach to Higher and Higher. Ben started on the mix thursday evening, and completed it by 17:00 hours on the friday following. Then Ben typed this short additional info, burned the CD and was of to Radio 538.. Enjoy! (Ben Liebrand)
2000/03/24 Sinéad O'Connor vs. Guru Josh Nothing Compares 2 Your Infinity
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1990/03/23.
2000/03/31 Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/02/13.
2000/04/07 Whitney Houston I'm Every Woman (Trance House Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/02/27.
2000/04/14 Level 42 It's Over
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/04/10.
2000/04/21 Jan Hammer Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/02/20.
2000/04/28 Bobby Brown Megamix (Mixed By Rita Liebrand)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1990/02/23.
2000/05/05 Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/05/17.
2000/05/12 Kool & The Gang Ladies Night (2-Step Mix)
About the original version: The original version was a big hit in 1979. It was produced by Eumir Deodato, who also released some great stuff under his own name. In 1991 Ben made a New jack swing mix, closely based on Guy's Her. Check it out! (Ben Liebrand)
About the minimix version: A new style is emerging, and becoming mainstream. It's called 2step, and Re-Rewind by The Artful Dodger is a kind of standard to what's 2step is all about. Ladies Night now receives a workover spicing it up with some of the typical 2step ingredients like rhythm patterns and the particular choice of sounds Vocals and Horns are taken from the original Multitrack, and are timestretched from approx 112 BPM to 130 BPM. The Chorus line comes pumpin' in with a huge Baseline. Sit back and enjoy the ride! (Ben Liebrand)
2000/05/19 Kraftwerk Megamix 1991
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/06/07.
2000/05/26 Janet Jackson Let's Wait Awhile (ft. Gerbrand Westveen)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/04/17.
2000/06/02 Klubbheads Sixpack 2000
About the originals:
Klubbheads : Discohopping - 1997 (contains Born to be alive)
Klubbheads : Clubhopping - ????
Klubbheads : Release the pressure - 1999
klubbheads : Kickin' hard - 1998
Klubbheads : Pumped up funk - 1997
klubbheads : Turn up the bass - 2000

All tracks produced by klubbheads (ittybitty, boozywoozy, Greatski & Langras)
About the minimix version: This is the SIXPACK 2000 mix Six klubbheads tracks in a convenient package. Great to take to the beach or a nice drive in the country 0% alcohol, but still very intoxicating! Get up and enjoy! (Ben Liebrand)
2000/06/09 Ben Liebrand ft. Tony Scott Move To The Bigband (Jazztrip)
2000/06/16 Human Resource vs. Afrika Bambaataa Bambominator
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/01/10.
2000/06/23 Ben Liebrand Weerbericht (The Rain Dance / Def ANP Rappers)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/07/03.
2000/06/30 Whitney Houston vs. Public Enemy I'm Your Baby Tonight
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/02/22.
2000/07/07 Tina Turner Two People
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/11/07.
2000/07/14 Janet Jackson Miss You Much (The Final Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1989/09/26.
2000/07/21 Madonna Open Your Heart (Version 2)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/06/14.
2000/07/28 Sting Mad About You
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1991/01/25.
2000/08/04 Felix vs. Sergio Mendes Don't You Want Me vs. Fanfarra
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/09/11.
2000/08/11 Ben Liebrand Grandmix 2000 The Summer Edition CD2 Preview
De naam zegt het al, een preview van de Grandmix 2000 Summer Edition!
2000/08/18 Rockers Revenge Walking On Sunshine (Acid Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1988/09/09.
2000/08/25 MARRS vs. Michael Jackson Pump Up The Volume vs. Bad
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/09/25.
2000/09/01 Trammps Disco Inferno
About the original versions: Featured in the blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever, The Trammps had a huge hit with Disco Inferno. (Ben Liebrand)
About the Minimix: Starting of with the Intro of Shout, the rhythm builds up using filtered loops of disco inferno. A vocoder is added in the chorus as well as Syndrums (real ones this time) and classic disco rhythms. This remix should have no problem fitting in with all the filtered disco stuff going on momentarily. (Ben Liebrand)
Why this remix? To have a great opening track in a new club in Nijmegen The Club is called Disco Inferno and brings classic Disco Music in the year 2000. Complete with Saturday Fever Dancefloor, mirror balls and orange decor, it's the ideal setting for going totally retro. (Ben Liebrand)
Combining the intro of "Shout" with "Disco Inferno", a vocoder was added as well as the typical late 70's "piew" sounds. (Ben Liebrand)
2000/09/08 Mel & Kim vs. Frantique Showing Out vs. Strut Your Funky Stuff
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/01/09.
2000/09/15 Stock Aitken & Waterman Roadblock (Diversion Mix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/08/07.
2000/09/22 ABBA Lay All Your Love On Me
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/07/10.
2000/09/29 Lil' Louis vs. George Kranz French Kiss vs. Din Daa Daa
French Kiss van Lil' Louis gemashed met Din Daa Daa van George Kranz.
2000/10/06 Mai Tai vs. Eric B & Rakim History vs. I Know You Got Soul
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/12/04.
2000/10/13 Jellybean Benitez ft. Madonna Sidewalk Talk (Sidewalk & Hiptalk Lookin' At Ya Madonna Minimix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1986/02/21.
2000/10/20 UB40 (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/07/10.
2000/10/27 Ben Liebrand Techno Trance Megamix (Who Is Elvis)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1992/03/20.
2000/11/03 SWV vs. Michael Jackson Right Here vs. Human Nature
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/09/18.
2000/11/10 Snow Informer (Remix)
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/05/01.
2000/11/17 Haddaway What Is Love
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/06/12.
2000/11/24 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1987/07/31.
2000/12/01 Clannad Theme From Harry's Game
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 1993/06/26.
2000/12/08 - -
Geen minimix in verband met het maken van de Grandmix 2000.
2000/12/15 - -
Geen minimix in verband met het maken van de Grandmix 2000.
2000/12/22 - -
Geen minimix in verband met het maken van de Grandmix 2000.
2000/12/29 DJ Jurgen Higher And Higher
Herhaling. Eerste uitzending: 2000/03/17.

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